Twelve Guyana Jamaïque is a unique blend of 4 barrels : one from Guiana (Diamond distillery), the others from Jamaica (Monymusk, Worthy Park and Hampden distilleries). These rhums have been aged from 7 to 8 years.  An original blend bottled by Twelve in Aubrac. 

63.5% vol.


WATCH: Almost mahogany

SMELL: Slightly sour, typical of Jamaica.  A characteristically British rhum, robust and flavorful.   Ripe exotic fruits dominate while roasted nuts provide rich depth in the undertones.  Airing of the glass allows for the tropical fruit flavors to melt into sweet prune and savory walnut, bringing us to Guyana, with a certain nostalgia for the glory days of the British Navy. 

TASTE: Powerfull, surprisingly strong, counterbalanced by a reassuring fatty flavour.  The acidity of jamaican rhums, full of dunder, is tempered by the coarse and powdery texture of old Demeraras. A high concentration of fruits comes up, emphasized by a barrel perspiring maple sirup, cooked sugar and soy sauce. Finale : liquorice wrapped up in nutty flavors.