A triple alliance of passionate people, a beautiful landscape and French savoir-faire is what makes Twelve single malts so unique. Come discover our whiskies!


From its Celtic origins to its peat bogs and pure water, Aubrac echoes Scotland and Ireland, whisky’s homeland. At an altitude of over 1000m, the Twelve founders were inspired to build this French distillery.



An unforgettable experience housed within a historical landmark : from barley brewing through the distillation in a still up to the ageing process, we make our whisky from A to Z. Discover a story of friendship and savoir-faire in the heart of Aubrac.

Discover our rhums

As aficionados of rhum as well, the Twelve founders called upon their cellar master’s talent for blending for a new project. This is how a line of rhums was born in Laguiole. Discover our Rare Rhums.

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